“The Relief Products™ is honored to have received the Women’s Choice Awards for Ring Relief® Drops and Fast Dissolving Tablets™ and PinkEye Relief® Eye Drops. It is a tremendous privilege to have received 3 awards. As we are now being honored with a third consecutive Women’s Choice Award for our Stye Relief®, 2014-2017, we feel an even deeper sense of gratitude towards our customers. Thank you for your support and confidence these past 3 years. It truly is an honor to have won 3 years in a row for Stye Relief®. Your support greatly moves and motivates us to continue to bring safe and effective products to market, helping you Stay Healthy, Naturally™.”
~Susan Hanson, COO; TRP Company



Ringing in the ears can be treated with our two powerful homeopathic treatments.

Ring Relief® Ear Drops and Ring Relief® Fast Dissolving Tablets™. These two products provide multi-symptom ear therapy for the temporary relief of symptoms such as ringing, buzzing or roaring in the ears. They also provide temporary relief for sensitivity to noise, nerve sensitivity in the ear, ear discomfort as well as ear congestion and throbbing.



radio_adsOn the Radio:

We’re always trying fun with unique ways of sharing our products, especially one that helps with tinnitus, such as Ring Relief®. We advertise all over, but now we’re trying radio for the first time. Click the “Play” arrow next to the “00:00″ to hear our ad! The slider on the right controls the volume. Turn those speakers up, but not too loud!